When Life Gets In The Way

Ever have one of those days weeks when you start out with the best of intentions and everything just goes to total dog poop?  Welcome to my life this week.



It started out great with a pretty awesome 7 mile run on Sunday.  I got the dupa up early enough to avoid the nasty, sticky mess that has been the setting for my weekends runs lately, and headed out into blessed shade and slightly cooler temps.  After beating my goal time, I came home, threw on my snazzy new compression socks, and proceeded to do nothing except eat a nice, healthy lunch and sport this awesome-sauce look.

Fuzzy slippers ROCK.

Fuzzy slippers rock.

A few hours later, my left knee started feeling a little achy.  I ignored it and off to bed I went.  Then I woke up Monday morning and DUHN DUHN DUHN (insert dramatic music here), the other knee decided the first one was lonely and decided to get on the achy train too.


So thinking that after all my aches and knee pain that I may have gained just a pixie dust amount of runner smarts – and with some objective advice from the hubs – I bowed out of my scheduled run and stuck to the dreaded foam roller, IT band exercises, ice, and some muscle stim, in the hopes of getting things right again in my world.  Alas, these stupid, friggin’, frog-flipping, insert any number of colorful language terms here – knees refused to cooperate and it just simply was not meant to be.  I woke up again on Tuesday with that blasted achiness.  I think my face probably looked somewhat similar to this.

Don't talk to me. Ever.

Don’t talk to me. Ever.

Being the concerned hubs that he is, instead of going to the gym, he suggested hitting the pool instead.  Now I’m far from a good swimmer, but after 20 minutes of lap work, both my head and my legs felt considerably better.  I knew come Wednesday I’d be ready to hit the pavement again.  Until my LIFE decided to get in the way.

oh come on

That’s when I took a step back, reminded myself to breathe, and in the immortal words of Elsa, just let it go.  If there is one thing us runners sometimes have a hard time figuring out, is once in a while, life IS going to get in the way and eff everything up.  Miles won’t get run, weights won’t get lifted, crunches won’t get crunched.  And it’s all OKAY.  Sometimes you just gotta be fluid.  Like melty Jello-O.



Life throws enough crap at us so there’s no point in getting all worked up over the crap you can’t control.  Like people running late, bluetooths that keep disconnecting you, and certain little black dogs burping their fish dinner pleasantly in your face.



So the next time you find yourself about to go postal over what is probably something REALLY stupid, take that step back for a second.  And breathe.  And if you still want to kick someone after that, knock yourself out.  Or someone else.  Whatever flattens your ears.

stress cat


Enjoy the ride.

Do you get stressed out when life gets in the way of your training or do you just go with the flow?

20 thoughts on “When Life Gets In The Way

  1. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to my training so if I need to shuffle stuff around or miss a run I’m usually not too stressed…not if I missed like 2 weeks of running I’d probably be stressed!

    Have you ever tried pool running? It may be a good way to give your knee the occasional break!

  2. This post is speaking to me so hard. These next two weeks are going to be crazy with moving crap. I need to relax and just trust that it’s gonna get done. But that would require relaxing. Which I’m not good at.

  3. This post is me! EVERY time I’m going to go home and do a run or wake up early and do a run, SOMETHING happens and that run doesn’t happen. Stupid life! Does it not realize I have a marathon I need to run!?!? And that I need to not be the slowest human being on the planet any more?!?! This is why I need to win lotto so I can “retire” and have all day to train/run.

    btw, I used to have knee problems ALL the time when I first started running. I would have to ice my knees after every run no matter what the distance. But after I got some actual food for me running sneakers and started cross training, I haven’t had to ice my knee after a run/race in almost 2 years. It might be an equipment issue and time to get a new pair of sneakers, and/or it might be a strength issue. You did take some time off from running and you said that the pace was faster than planned/expected, so maybe you did too much too soon and your knees aren’t back up to that level yet. Sorry, you did not ask for my long winded opinion!

    • Long winded opinions from Chewsday chicas always welcome! The shoes are brand new. As in only 47 miles on them. This is an ongoing battle I’ve been fighting for 2 years now, that’s why even though I took 4 months off, I hit the gym hard. I’m going to kick the pace back down, get back to the chiro, and foam roll. Hopefully that will whip this problem’s dupa one and for all!

        • You are too funny! I do think you’re right though with too much too soon – even if it HAS been 4 months since I started crawling back. I think my knees, IT’s, WHATEVER is going on there, just wants to keep fighting me on this. I’m just going to keep changing things up and hopefully scare them back into shape. Hey, the pros can do it, right? When are you winning Powerball again?

  4. I have been pretty good of late for getting in my runs. I think I just do my very best to make it a priority…even if it is only a few miles….or I purposely plan my rest day on a particularly crazy day.

    When injuries happen, that is a different story. I think the key here is doing some sort of cross training so you don’t lose your fitness. I know that in the past I never used too…if I couldn’t run, I didn’t do anything and it was hard starting from scratch. With my Achilles tendonitis in January, I biked, swam, water ran, etc and I was able to keep a lot of my fitness and it helped for a smoother transition back to running.

    Oh and ITBS knee pains…had those all through marathon training. Lots of foam rolling, lots of hip/core strengthening. Good luck!

  5. I try to go with the flow, but right now I’m encountering a lot of difficult people that aren’t really letting me do that. Only one more week of that madness. 🙂 I hope today and tomorrow bring you some sanity! (And if you get some, please share! haha)

  6. Seems like we are in the same situation. My ankle is still acting up, I’m growing impatient and annoyed. Running out of time. Only thing I can do it bike but that doesn’t do it. And the dog is driving me crazy at home too, he misses his runs. Get a high energy lever dog they said, they are good they said.
    Poor thing, he sees the leash and goes crazy.
    Hope your week ends on a better note.

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