Wonder Mutt Wednesday

WMW couch dogs2


Enjoy the ride.

Is it weird that I wouldn’t care if I was one these mutts?  Have you ever had to share the furniture with your mutt?  Don’t you wish you could bottle whatever that stuff is that causes dog hair to stick to absolutely EVERYTHING, sell it, and retire a gozillionaire?

5 thoughts on “Wonder Mutt Wednesday

  1. As much as I would love to, I don’t allow my dog on my furniture. Note that I said I don’t allow, he does whatever he wants when I’m gone. I find his blanket or toys on the sofa or my bed. When I’m home he doesn’t dare to jump on either, even if I call him. His fur is like velcro, he picks trash from the streets and brings it home.
    When he was a puppy it was really hard not to let him sleep on the bed or the sofa.

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