It’s Been Six Months…

…and I haven’t kicked anybody.  Yet.  I’m actually quite encouraged!

So far, so good.

So far, so good.

Six months ago I decided to bite the bullet and join a gym.  Again.  My history with fitness centers hasn’t always been, shall we say, the most pleasant.  I have an extremely low tolerance for sweat hogs who don’t wipe down machines after generously leaving bodily fluids all over them,  social butterflies who think everyone within a 12 foot radius wants to hear all about what a big, fat jackwad their boyfriend is, and dupa dumpers – the sad, poor souls who come in, dump their dupa on a machine, and proceed to spend more time staring at the ceiling instead of actually DOING something.

Wake the heck up!


I can honestly say that after umpteen visits, the desperate need to just go up and kick somebody in the head – HARD – has only occurred a handful of times.  (I have shown amazing restraint in this area and think my efforts should be handsomely rewarded with a freezerful of Moose Tracks and unlimited margaritas.  Just sayin’).  I’ve actually spent many an amused hour trying not to laugh hysterically at the hormones with feet, (you know, high school kids), trying so hard not check out the girls who have less on than, well, this.

See what I'm saying?

See what I’m saying?

All in all, getting back on the weights has been pretty positive.  I don’t think I’ve lost any weight, but that wasn’t the reason I headed back over to the dark side.  I was long, long, LONG overdue for cross-training and needed to try to find some way to get rid of this blasted ITBS.  I’m still not sure if it’s working, thanks to some delayed knee pain after my 7 miler yesterday, but I’m still hopeful.  Plus I still haven’t given up hope on one day looking like her.


Okay, maybe not.

Enjoy the ride.

Do you find yourself wanting to kick someone in the head when you’re at the gym?  Easily irritated by dupa dumpers?  How do YOU deal with it?

19 thoughts on “It’s Been Six Months…

  1. I don’t get along with the gym and most of its fauna.
    I signed for the last time 2 years ago, just because I wanted to use the treadmill, I went 4-5 times. What gets to me is the guys loving themselves on the mirror, all the duckfaces and poses, I feel like puking.
    What about those bulky guys who come to me with “advices” as to how to get bigger because “you are defined but no mass”?
    Those I wanna kill, I hold my tongue, look at them and say “no espanol”. They leave me alone.

    • Strangely enough, even with some of the more musclebound in my gym, I haven’t seen any freaks of nature (yet) and for the most part, everyone seems to pretty much keep to themselves. I always have my headphones on anyway and I think “leave me the heck alone” is tattoed across my forehead, lol! 🙂

  2. Gyms are weird, weird places. My old PF was a pain in the butt all the time, but so far haven’t had any issues with the new gym, although I’ve only visited one location.

  3. I haven’t had issues at my gym for quite awhile until last night…oy. a mother/daughter team took up an ENTIRE bench with their crap….and the floor surrounding it. Best part is that the mom saw me when I came to the locker bay and get changed and she kept preening until her daughter came and made a statement of “oops, I guess we shouldn’t take up the entire locker bay with our shit” and then rushed to try and put it away…despite the fact that I was nearly done changing. Oy!

  4. Well you know how I feel about gyms now. I’m a total CrossFit snob and if I were to walk into a gym now, I guarantee I would have ZERO restraint for some of the people who go there (not workout there, literally just go there). Ugh!

    Unrelated…”losing weight” is difficult to gauge because muscle weighs more than fat does. You probably look closer to that magazine lady than you think…definitely closer than I do 🙂 Way to kick butt!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, but I can say in ALL honesty, I’m still sporting the awesome and ever so popular elephant look. It’s what I’m good at, so why not go with it? 🙂 I’m actually trying to figure out if I can somehow create abs like those just using my Mary Kay makeup. Who knows? It could be a hit!

  5. It’s like we share a brain today. 🙂
    I definitely got irritated with people at my old gym. Because it is an inexpensive place to go, most of the clientele was obnoxious college guys trying to get all bulky in the weight room. So I like never wanted to use the weight room.

    Kudos to you for making it 6 months. You definitely deserve those Moose Tracks!!

  6. Sometimes, I forget why I hate going to a gym and then you said “bodily fluids” and I was like, “oh, yeah, right. That’s why.”

  7. Gosh, your gym sounds awful! I (sometimes) go to planet fitness, and I don’t mind it? Maybe the weird people aren’t awake at 7am? The worst is when the “lunk-alarm” goes off while I’m trying to sleep on the stretching mats. (jk, jk….)

  8. Great post! 🙂 remember when lifting weights not to expect to lose weight but to actually gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat so its only natural that you wouldn’t lose weight but will prob gain. Not all pounds are bad pounds. The added strength will help your running and your overall health and fitness 🙂 keep it up!

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