We Will Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

…right after THIS!

Yes, I am a total Shark Week junkie.  Always have been. Always will be.  Don’t ask why, I have absolutely no idea.  Jumping into a shark cage and hanging out with some Great Whites is definitely one of my bucket list items.  So you guys are just going to have to tolerate me this week while I get my crack fix.


 Enjoy the ride.

Weigh in what you think about sharks!  Friend or foe?

12 thoughts on “We Will Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

    • Having been whacked on the inside of a thigh by a nurse shark, (who was much more interested in a piece of fish than me), I can say with all honesty, they really aren’t THAT scary. Then again, I haven’t knowingly jumped in the water with a big fat bully nearby!

  1. I LOVE shark week! Although I have to admit I seriously HATE the stupid fake documentary things they do! I just don’t get it! This stuff is interesting enough without having to make up some dramatic fake exaggerated creature!

    Ok, that’s my shark week rant. By the way, did I mention I bought raffle tickets for the chance to name one of the new great white’s they found off Cape Cod??? I SOOOOO want to win! How cool would it be to name a shark!!

  2. Conversation with my hubby last night.

    ” your uniform is probably dry.”

    “You should go iron it for me.”

    “Then you need to come up to sit with Lilly.”

    “Uh, hello, Shark Week!”

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