Crazy Days

Since the time for creating this little literary piece of genius is extremely limited today, I’m going to blow through this like the tornado my brain looks like.  So hang on.  It might get scary.

My brain.  Constantly.

My brain. Constantly.

Wonder Mutt – I walked in the door yesterday to what sounded like a lion trying to hack up a hairball.  Apparently Lucy thought it would be nice to leave us with a parting gift – aka kennel cough.  Off to the vet we go this afternoon.  On the up side, Lucy did find her furever home and went home with her new humans last night. #Adoptionwin



Brooks Ghost 7s – Cranked out my first three miles in the new dogs last night and may I say they rock?  Okay, thanks.  They ROCK!  Of course mine look much better buried in Beecause Charms bling.  Just sayin’.

Like the wind.  Really.

Like the wind. Really. Blustery.

Running – I am happy to report that the pavement and I have been getting along pretty well lately.  I was actually able to crank out the aformentioned 3 miler with a training PR average mile of 9:12.  May sound like zombie pace to most of you, but for this turtle, it may as well have been Greased Lightning.

"...burning up the quarter mile..."

“…burning up the quarter mile…”

Laser therapy – Since I’m going no holds barred with trying to keep that nasty ITBS from making a reappearance, I’m trying something new.  Twice a week, I get beat up for a few minutes by a massage therapist (aka retired member of the WWF), followed by a few minutes of getting zapped by this thing.

The doctor's name is Jetson.  Honest.  I wouldn't kid you.  Okay, maybe.

The doctor’s name is Jetson. Honest. I wouldn’t kid you. Okay, maybe.

I even get to wear what looks like yellow cataract glasses while I’m getting zapped.  Fashion score to say the least.  I may even try to market them for the fashion conscious runner.  #not

So that’s my brain vomit for the day.  My apologies if it gave you motion sickness.  Just send me your PayPal information and I’ll send you a bottle of Pepto right away.  I’m helpful like that.

Enjoy the ride.

Ever have one of those weeks where it feels like you’re living in the middle of a Disney ride?  How do you keep from going completely insane?

6 thoughts on “Crazy Days

  1. Ummmm, turtle pace? Really? Then I am pretty sure my pace is beyond slower than a snail by comparison! You’re running rocks! Next time you call yourself slow, I may have to hurt you…but I do it with all the love in the world! 🙂

  2. Yeah, 9 and change is nothing to sneeze at! I’m lucky if I can manage under 10 for a 5k. So don’t get down on yourself! My life is also pretty insane at the moment, but I find that lists are my best friends. Writing everything down, and then categorizing/numbering tasks can really make things more manageable. Sending hugs!

    • You sure you’re not related to the hubby? On any given day there’s no less than 3 sticky notes on the kitchen island with everything he wants to get done. Kind of scary actually. Then there’s my brother who lives for Excel. Hmmmm, I must be and OCD magnet. 🙂 XOXOXOXO

  3. I’m on one of those rides this week. I think it’s the teacups because I feel like I might throw up. 🙂

    The Ghosts are such great shoes! It was down between those and the WR17s when I got my Mizunos and now I wish I had gotten the Ghosts. Congrats on that mile PR!! I love seeing that kind of improvement!

    • It sure does sound like you’re on the Crazy Train pulling into Insanity Station! You may want to look into the laser/massage therapy route as well for your foot. You never know. And thanks for the thumbs up on the Ghosts. I’ve been in Sauconys for so long it’s kind of nerve wracking stepping out of that comfort zone. 🙂

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