Something Bigger Than Yourself

As I had a complete blonde moment yesterday and totally forgot to write my daily piece of literary genius – okay, maybe not so much – please indulge me for a moment to tell you why.

On occasion, I get the opportunity to help out with an awesome organization, Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida.  Like many rescue groups, this organization rescues, rehabs, and finds permanent homes for Labs that have been surrendered or abandoned by their owners, left in shelters, or in this recent case, dumped off in the Everglades to basically become gator bait.

Lady, or as I like to call her, Lucy, was just that.  She was found wandering around in the Everglades a few weeks ago and was turned into the Miami Dade Animal Shelter.  After two weeks no one claimed her – which is hard to believe as judging by the condition she’s in, someone was taking care of her.  Maybe too much.  Let’s just say she’s a little, well, plump.

Will someone love me and all my chubbiness?

Will someone love me?

It’s not hard to see that Lucy has already had at least one litter, so the wonderful people at the shelter made sure to fix her up lickety split so she wouldn’t have to deal with any more, let’s just say, overly friendly boys hanging around.

male labs

Did someone say girl dog?

Lab Rescue sent a volunteer to evaluate Lucy at the shelter and it didn’t take long to see that she would make somebody a great pet.  And so the rescue train left the station, en route to the temporary foster home of Casa de Black Dog.  And as you can plainly see, she hates it here.  Really.  Hates it.

I just, wait, a little to the left, up, over, ahhhhh.  Sweet relief!

I just, wait, a little to the left, up, over, ahhhhh. Sweet relief!

The only down side to all of this, neither human nor canine have gotten any sleep for the past three nights as Miss Lucy seems to have a possible case of kennel cough.  Poor thing sounds like she can’t stop trying to hack up a hairball and it only gets worse at night.  Luckily though, thanks to generous veterinarians who are only too willing to help out rescue groups, Lucy will be on the road to recovery later today.  And Casa de Black Dog may actually be able to catch up on a few winks.  Winks which I am only to glad to give up to help such sweet, gentle souls like this one find a permanent loving home.

Don't be sad Lucy.  We'll find you a furever home before you know it!

Don’t be sad Lucy. We’ll find you a furever home before you know it!

So the next time you’re looking for a furry friend, be sure to check out your local rescue groups.  You never know, you’re new BFF may only be a mouse click away.  And then you can spend the rest of your days getting THIS face whenever you settle down with your nightly bowl of Moose Tracks.

You DO need some help with that, don't you?

You DO need some help with that, don’t you?

Enjoy the ride.

Where did you get your mutt from?  Would you consider a rescue?

14 thoughts on “Something Bigger Than Yourself

  1. Sweet sweet baby and yay for fostering her! My Gemma is from a pit bull rescue and I’m already jonesing for another, much to my husband’s insistence that we don’t need another dog. We totally do!!! Snuggles to Lucy! I hope she finds her forever home soon.

    • If I didn’t already spend a boatlaod of money for Calypso’s raw food diet, I’d keep this girl in a heartbeat! And she is totally enamored with the hubby. It’s so cute – like a big, udder-rolling shadow, lol! She already has someone interested in her, so I think it will all work out just fine.

      • I hear you – we don’t do raw food but we go to a natural feed store and it’s a bit pricey. NOTHING BUT THE BEST! Glad to hear that there is interest already! I’m so drawn to the black dogs, I can’t understand how other people aren’t.

  2. Big cheers for this post! We have cats but they are both rescue buddies. I have a black cat that I adopted about a week after Halloween. All his brothers and sisters had homes already and he was the only one left because they put black cats on lock down from being adopted around Halloween (which breaks my heart that there is enough of an issue that it happens that way). My dad’s family has a rescued lab!! She’s awesome. 🙂

  3. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Florida because I would take that dog in a second! Which would just give hubby more reasons to divorce me. I LOVE black labs. Always wanted one! And poor thing! Why?!?! Why do people treat their dogs like that?!?! Good for you for helping out! Such a worthy cause!

    • I’m happy to report that after a trip to the vet, (kennel cough and a fever), she is doing much better and is now with her permanent foster mom. Don’t think she’ll be there long though. She already has a potential adopter and he hasn’t even met her yet!!

  4. Awww, she’s beautiful! I will never never never ever understand how someone can just dump a dog somewhere, it’s terrible! These dogs are so lucky to have people like you helping them along the way to their forever homes!

    • Someone must have loved her as she was actually in pretty good shape considering where she was found. So sad they didn’t care enough about her to look for her as she would’ve been easy to trace to the shelter. She’s on her way to a great life now though! 🙂

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