Summer Is Heating Up In The World

Who’s up for a little trip?

Come see us1

Come see us!

Being a Florida resident, and self-proclaimed lover of heat and humidity, it may seem a bit confusing to you that I stay as far away from Disney World as possible during the summer months.  My inner – and oftentimes not so inner-introvert- just does not do those kind of crowds.

I get that many peeps are subject to summer vacation restrictions, so that’s why they head to the World when they do.  So consider this my community service/good deed for the day and direct you to a couple of “cooler” things to do while battling the masses.


Aside from running from one air-conditioned attraction to the next, or end up gaining 10 pounds from sucking down every Mickey head ice cream bar in existence, I would highly suggest visiting at least one of the World’s two awesome-sauce water parks.  Up for surfing lessons or feel like body surfing some monster waves?  Then take your sweaty dupa on over to Typhoon Lagoon! Can I get a whoo hoo?!

Anyone else hear Hawaii-Five=O music playing?

Anyone else hear Hawaii-Five-O music playing?

Along with riding some sweet waves, you can hop on a tube and float your way around the lazy river.  Looking for something a little more exciting?  How about a little Humunga Kowabunga or Keelhaul Falls action?  And my personal fave – even though you’ll freeze your dupas off – Shark Reef.  Yup, no typos there.  SHARK reef.  As in big, scary man-eating sharks.  No not really.  Can’t really count on repeat business if the customers become the entrees.  But you CAN pal around with your very own bonnethead and leopard sharks.  In other words, the not so scary kind of sharks.  Honest!

Typhoon Lagoon has a bunchload of other rides, along with shopping, and places to eat.  For a full description of all the awesomeness to be had, just surf on over here.

The other water park option in the World of all things Mouse, is Blizzard Beach.  Dollar Alert: how is it in my now too many trips to WDW to remember, that I’ve never been here?  There has GOT to be something missing from one of my Disney chromosomes.  Think I better get that looked at.  Anyone know a good doctor specializing in Disney Dorkness?  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?

Anywho, Blizzard Beach.  Disney’s answer to a ski slope.  Just a little warmer and whole lot more melty.  Yup, melty…

Brrrr! Um, okay, maybe not.

Brrrr! Um, okay, maybe not.

You can get your zippy side happyhappyhappy on any one of BB’s gushy slides from Mount Gushmore to Summit Plummet.  Feeling a little seasick?  No worries!  Just float on over to Cross Country Creek and soak in the chilllaxness. (Watch out, she’s on a roll.)  If it’s a ski-lift feeling you’ve got a hankering for, then hop on the chair lift, which will bring you to the top of the Green Slope.  Where you can then decide if you have cahonies the size of beach balls or lose your lunch once you look down at the drops.  Your choice!

Peaceful. Until you realize certain  death awaits you.  Or just one heckuva of a dupa pucker.

Peaceful. Until you realize certain death awaits you. Or just one heckuva of a dupa pucker.

Whichever water park you decide to grace with your presence, one thing is for sure.  You will have a blast.  Period.  Big one.  Unless you’re allergic to water.  And people.  And fish.  That would really suck.

So grab a bottle of sunscreen and an extra dose of courage and head on over to where all the cool people hang.  See what I did there?  Cool people?  I know, I know.  Sometimes I just can’t stand myself.

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever visited either of Disney World’s water parks?  Do you have a favorite?

5 thoughts on “Summer Is Heating Up In The World

  1. I am not so much a lover of heat or humidity in any way so being at Disney in the summer doesn’t sound the least bit appealing to me!

    That being said, my husband was supposed to go to a conference in Orlando this week so I was actually supposed to be down there right now! Unfortunately he had to cancel the trip : (

    I’m not a huge water park fan but I do remember going to Typhoon Lagoon as a kid. When it’s warm in Disney I typically aim for the longer air conditioned attractions but man can it be brutal down there!

    • After living here for almost 20 years now I think I’ve adapted more than well to the heat. Since I spent the first 24 years of my life freezing my dupa off in New England winters, I think this is where I was always supposed to be. 🙂 But those summertime crowds in inland Orlando? Aw heck no!

    • Typhoon Lagoon opened up in 1989 and Blizzard Beach opened in 1995. My first visit to the Mouse was in 1993, so I have no idea if there was anything there before, other than maybe River Country? I know, I know, total Disney Dorkness here! 🙂

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