Notes From The Road

If you’ve been following the escapades of the two main characters of this little corner of the blogging world, then you know it’s been just over a month since I’ve returned to the road.  I am happy to report that so far, all is good.  Actually, all has been GREAT!

Whoo hoo!!!!

Whoo hoo!!!!

Here’s a quick rundown – no pun intended – of the main highlights:

Pace: has thankfully been decreasing each week.  My first couple runs were merely shakeout runs.  I had to get my body used to the actual motion of running again, after spending 4 months on a stationary bike, elliptical, or ARC trainer.  It’s comforting to know how well the body remembers!

Form: Fell right back into it.  I’m just letting my body move in a way that’s most familiar.  Why fight what it knows works best for it?

Breathing: This has never been an issue for me and one I’m entirely grateful for, especially knowing how many runners suffer from asthma or other breathing-related issues.  I still get the occasional stitch in my side, and fully expect to fight that little pain in the dupa once I start incorporating speed work again.

And the mother of them all…

ITBS: I can say with extreme cautious optimism – NOTHING YET!

Happydance, happy dance, happy dance!

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!

All the killer leg workouts in the gym, all the painful foam rolling, and all the melted paper cups of ice just may be starting to pay off.  I’ve had a few twinges of knee pain, but I’m pretty sure it’s more related to my ever-decreasing cushion of whatever that crap is that the kneecap sits on.  And I can ENTIRELY deal with those #shenanigans.

Arthritis?  I don't need no stinkin' arthritis!

Arthritis? I don’t need no stinkin’ arthritis!

 The Plan: is to just keep on keepin’ on.  I’ll keep suffering the hormonal teenage onslaught at the gym, all in the name of keeping the ITBS at bay.  Mileage will continue to increase slowly, but this no more than 10% a week thing is for the birds.  Besides, if I stick to that, I won’t be hitting 13 miles until, oh, the WINE AND DINE HALF! Um, can you say “not gonna happen”?  I’m still going to be smart about it, but these gams gotta get it done.  And preferably BEFORE November 8th.

Well, hellooo gorgeous!

Well, helloooo gorgeous!

Until then, I’ll keep watching what I stuff in my yap, putting in the hard work to gain some much needed strength and flexibility, and challenging myself with a handful of both live and virtual races.

Show me the bling!

Show me the bling!

And of course, running with the best (canine) running partner around.

She's a bit hairy and easilt distracted by squirrels, but she's my buddy!

She’s a bit hairy and easily distracted by squirrels, but she’s my buddy!

Because it would totally suck if I blew this chance at being able to do what so many others can’t.  AND get to run in places like this.]!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Let me know your thoughts on my progress and if you have any ideas or advice on my continued training.  I’d love to hear from you! Hear that all you nurses in the family?  The RUNNING ones?!?

Enjoy the ride.

How long after an injury did it take you to feel good about your training again?

11 thoughts on “Notes From The Road

  1. That’s so great that your runs have been going so well (and getting better!) My body tends to forget real fast and take its sweet time to remember lol.

    Btw, VERY jealous of your running partner!

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