The Mickey Miles Podcast

Disclaimer thingie: This is a completely independent opinion about the Mickey Miles Podcast straight from my brain to your eyeballs.  Feel free to completely disagree with everything I say.  Even though that would be quite rude.  But feel free anyway.:)

Being the super techno-geek that I am (NOT!), up until a few months ago, I didn’t even know what a podcast was.  Right up until I was asked to do one here.  Since then I have fully embraced the world of podding (?) and have discovered a great way of wasting killing time at work as I go about my day, pounding away on my keyboard like the good little corporate minion that I am.

You want it WHEN?!?

You want it WHEN?!?

My fellow runners at Team runDisney came up with the great idea of creating a nice long list of their favorite podcasts.  You can only imagine how happyhappyhappy this Black Dog was when I discovered I could actually listen to podcasts on my NOT IPhone! (happydancehappydancehappydance)  Remember: I’m so NOT a technogeek.  And yes, I’m throwing myself on the techo-fire here – I didn’t know you didn’t have to have an iPhone in order to listen to podcasts.  You can stop laughing now. You. You. In the red and black LL Bean flannel shirt with the Grizzly Adams beard.  Yes, you.  Stop.  Now.  Thank you.

hippie guy

Laughing at you? No, not me.

Enter the Mickey Miles Podcast!  Okay, okay, I know you’re excited but let’s hold the applause until the end.  Since I’ve discovered this lovely little corner of the internet’s poddom (?),  I have been happily pounding away to my heart’s content since, content as a Black Dog with Moose Tracks ice cream, all the while listening to the vocal talents of hosts Michelle Scribner-Maclean, Mike Scopa, and their battery of guests.  Want info on an upcoming runDisney event?  This is the place to be.  Have a question about anything concerning running?  Send it in!  They’ll answer it on one of their Disney Runner Question episodes.  Want expert advice from Jeff Galloway or Tara Gidus?  Just hit the download button and you are good to go.


What really sold me on this podcast – beyond the obvious Mouse reference – was the episode they taped here right after last year’s Boston Marathon bombings.  Touching and heartfelt, honest and human, Scribner-Maclean and Scopa made you almost feel as though you had been there.  Can’t ask for more than that. Another great aspect of the Mickey Miles Podcast is how they incorporate everyday runners like you and me into their broadcasts.  Fellow bloggers, like Kimberley from Maker Mother Marathon Runner, Megan from Running Toward the Prize, and Krissy from Shiawase Life, have all made appearances on various episodes.  Firsthand accounts from people who have participated in numerous runDisney events give their opinions and provide information on each and every race.  Anything you want to know from corral placement, to the courses, to where spectators should spectate is all covered.  Without a doubt, the Mickey Miles Podcast is your one-stop shopping for all things runDisney!

The next time you find yourself staring off into space in your little cubicle of corporate madness, or you’re just looking to listen to something other than mindless, numbing, radio blahblahblahblahblah, jog on over to the Mickey Miles Podcast and try on a few episodes for size.  I guarantee you’ll be happy you did.  If not, well, too bad.  You won’t get any money back.  Seriously.  You won’t.  Not a dime.

Nope. Not a one.

Nope. Not a one.

You may applaud now.

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever listened to the Mickey Miles Podcast?  How do you like it?

4 thoughts on “The Mickey Miles Podcast

  1. I have not figured out the podcasts yet and I am totally electronically challenged. My family just rolls their eyes whenever I need help with the remote control, loading a DVD or whatever! I need to figure out the Mickey Miles podcast because everyone seems to love it.

    • Sounds like we’re in the same techo-challenged boat! If you want to listen on your computer, just follow the link above or go to They have links to the episodes right on the website. Or if you want to listen on your phone, just go to and choose which episode you want. Let me know how you like it!

  2. I actually love listening to podcasts on my runs, I prefer it to music because it keeps me entertained! I listen to a few Disney podcasts but I actually don’t listen to Mickey Miles, for some reason even though I love Disney and I love running this one doesn’t really do it for me (sorry!).

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