Recap – Of A Different Kind

It’s taken me a few days to decide if I wanted to regale you guys with a play-by-play of my trip to New Orleans.  Would you be bored?  Would you care?  Would you think I’m a total nut job?  Oh wait, you already do.  At least if I’m doing my blog-o-job right you do.

funny dog face


After spending some time downloading the pictures from my fancy-schmanzy camera and reliving our adventures all over again, I decided why not bore the bahoozies out of my faithful followers?  After all, I love seeing where my blends travels have taken them.  Honestly.  I do.  Makes me figure out where I want to go to next.  It’s like having a vicarious travel experience.  Handy and convenient!

One thing I did notice as I perused, cropped, and edited my way through 100 plus photos, is when we travel with our BFF’s, we always have a great time.  ALWAYS  a GREAT time.  How many people can honestly say that about their travel companions?  We spent two weeks – TWO WEEKS –  together in Italy last year.  It was the first time in Europe for all of us.  And we ROCKED the country.  From the Vatican to the Mediterranean, we toured, walked, drank, hiked, ate, and schmoozed with the locals like travel pros.  No crabby fits, no whining, no negative vibes the entire time.  Even when Darla fell.  Darla always falls.  ALWAYS.

Darlas booboos

Travel companions can make or break a trip.  Believe me, been there, dealt with it.  To say it can blow the big baboon can be something of an understatement.  Nothing can be more annoying than whiners who refuse to go native.  No, you lovely sick-minded individuals, not THAT kind of native.  Who spends a dupa-load of cash, travels thousands of miles, and goes to eat at the nearest Outback?  HUH?!?  Not that I have anything against Outback, I just don’t want to eat at a place I can find just about anywhere.

I can wholeheartedly say I fall into the category of cautiously adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, and I knew this trip was going to push my “what the heck is THAT?!” limits.  Once again, the travel companions, (total foodies), saw to it that with the appropriate warm up of cocktails, my taste buds were treated to a gaggle (?) of culinarious adventures.  Like these…

NOLA food

The jury is still out on the whole squishy, jelly-like, mushy raw food thing, and I’m still having nightmares about being chased down Magic Kingdom’s Main Street by an army of knife-wielding, chef hat bearing crawdads.  But I did try them.  It took a lot of friendly encouragement and a few cocktails first, but I tried them.  And what’s better than having your BFF next to you to catch whatever may come back up??

She's gonna blow!

She’s gonna blow!

So through all our miles, falls, gross, squishy foods, and enough cocktails to take out a pachyderm, I can only come to a single conclusion.  None of our adventures – none of them – would have been nearly as fun if we hadn’t had our besties along for the ride.  So here’s to you guys – our partners in crime, our mischief-making companions, and the ones who  managed to get me to do something unspeakable to a creepy-eyed shellfish guy – IN PUBLIC.  May our adventures together continue to be long-lived, full of chaos, eeny-meeny-miny-moes, and minimal gravitational challenges.  Who knows?  One day you may even get me to actually put pepper on my food.

Just say no.

Just say no.



Enjoy the ride.

Do you travel with friends or family?  Do they make the trip better or worse?

6 thoughts on “Recap – Of A Different Kind

  1. I totally agree with your sentiments about the travel companions making or breaking the trip! My semester abroad (quite a few moons ago) was interspersed with trips to different parts of Europe. The longest of which were a week in Italy and later a week in Spain. The culture, museums, food, drink, beauty were all striking and wonderful, yet I think of Italy much more fondly because of the company and just how wonderful it was to travel with like-minded, easygoing individuals. The Spain trip had some distinct diva behavior that was just not cool in my book. From that time until the present, I always consider who to travel with just as much as where to travel…luckily my permanent travel companion (aka DH) was a travel winner from the beginning, so I always have a good starting point!

    • As my DH is as well! I thought it was rather ironic I heard on the radio yesterday that a couple should travel the world together once before getting married. Go to out of the way, non-luxury type places. If you haven’t killed each other by the time you get back, you’ve got a keeper! 🙂

  2. We love traveling with friends and have done it several times. Last year we took a land/river cruise trip for two weeks and we all had a blast. Certain things about the trip were whine worthy, but we had great laughs about those! The food in your photo looks gross to me, but I can’t handle squishy or raw. Just call me a baby when it comes to eating!

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