Think A Touch of OCD Can Get You To Your Goals?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a bit OCD about tracking my workouts. Not that I was obsessive about WHAT I was tracking, just that I did. I think it must have something to do with hating to see an empty box.



Even if it’s just an off day, I think if I start seeing too many, it gets the dupa to the gym or out on the road again, even if the couch is trying to sing it’s siren song.  Every successful weight loss program I’ve ever seen encourages you to track every bite of food, including how hungry you are at the time, as well as how you may be feeling emotionally.  It is believed you can begin to see patterns which may identify stressors causing you to stuff your yap.  My workout stressors?  Simple.  Clothes that don’t fit.

What I think I look like.  Hmmm....

What I think I look like. Hmmm….

As I donned a pair of capri pants this weekend, (why I don’t know, I HATE those damn things), my great mood at being in party central USA, quickly took a nose dive when I could barely move in them without feeling like the seams were going to explode.  What better motivation then to get the dupa out of bed this morning and get my booze-soaked, gut-stuffed body parts to the gym.

Ok, ok.  I'm getting up.

Ok, ok. I’m getting up.

Even though I’m pretty good at working out when I travel, it never seems as quality a workout as when I’m at home.  I’m sure it’s just another one of my mental OCD things, but I’m pretty sure once I cross the Broward County line, my cells call a meeting to order and the order goes out to retain all the water, fat cells, and miscellaneous crap they’re capable of before imminent combustion.


Keep EVERYTHING! Got it?

As my goal of filling every page of my little bible continues, (minus the 4 month-long non-running torture period), you can bet I’ll be doing everything in my power to fit into those ugly grey capris to the point where they will actually be – dare I say it? – TOO BIG.  Will I get there?  Who knows.  But you can bet your dupa I’ll be fighting the forces of Mother Nature with every squat, crunch, pushup, and plank these jiggly, shaky, jelly belly body parts can muster.  I have every intention of making THIS look easy.

Okay, maybe not.  But a girl can dream, can't she?

Okay, maybe not. But a girl can dream, can’t she?


Enjoy the ride.

Do you track your workouts?  Do you find it keeps you on track and helps you reach your food/fitness goals?


13 thoughts on “Think A Touch of OCD Can Get You To Your Goals?

  1. I do keep track of my workouts–I never used to though. I was a very conscious calorie counter in years past, but it led me to very disordered eating so I had to stop.

    I have found tracking my running to be rather motivating–especially since I got my first Garmin a little over a year ago. It is really motivating when I see the progress I have made in my speed or the amount of miles I have already run this year.

    Oh and I am with you on trying to get all fit and fabulous so that your clothes fit better–the past 10 day shave been brutal for me in terms of food choices and I couldn’t wear the skirt I wanted to today because it was at that seam busting place. lol. So yeah, best of luck in achieving your fitness goals and know I’m right next to you (though 8 hours away by plane ride…lol).


  2. I keep track of my workouts on a calendar on the fridge. While I don’t count calories, I know that many people don’t find it very helpful. The main reason I keep track of my workouts is to assist me in simply keeping on track with my training. Seeing what I’ve accomplished helps keep me motivated in meeting my training goals.

  3. I have a calendar that I log everything in, but I’m thinking about switching to an Excel spreadsheet format, so I can more easily calculate total mileage per week/month/year etc.

  4. At CrossFit, everyone has a book where we keep track of what we did and how we did it, but even before that, I was keeping track in a notebook (and posting my weekly training on my blog), it’s a great motivator, a way to be held accountable and just a good way to see how far you’ve come.

    Good luck with your capri quest! Let me know how “easy” it is so I can do it too! 🙂

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