N’Awlins Is A-Callin’!

Unless you’ve been under your residential rock, then you know I’ve been cranked up to hit the friendly skies for a quick trip to New Orleans.  Being the quintessential Sagittarian, traveling is an obsession with me.  I actually start to hyperventilate if more than two months go by and I haven’t skedaddled more than 100 miles away from the humble abode.  Really.  I do.  It ain’t pretty.

I really feel like an idiot right about now.

I really feel like an idiot right about now.

So thanks to the generosity of friends with gobillions, ( yeah, GOBILLIONS), of air miles, the plan to hit up the Big Easy quickly fell into place.  Images of freaky people, (love’em!), food with creepy names, (turtle soup?!), and just general creepiness (voodoo curses anyone?), is right up this Black Dog’s alley.  Nothing is better than soaking in the local flavor of a place.  In this case I believe soaking will be the operative term.

Keep it comin'...

Keep it comin’…

The only downside to all of this?  The alarm going off at 4 freakin’ o’clock in the morning.  Downside as the hubby HATES flying and the airport bar isn’t open that early.  Maybe I can go all ninja on him once we’re seated and put him out for a little nappy nap.



So as we head into a nice, well-deserved long weekend, amidst all the nonsense and debauchery (if you’re lucky), please remember to take a moment and be thankful to those who have so generously given us the reason for an extra day off.  After all, we wouldn’t be able to indulge in so much nonsense if it wasn’t for them.

Thank you.

Thank you


Enjoy the Ride.

What kind of trouble will you hopefully be getting into this weekend?  Anyone racing?  Happy Memorial Day!

Please let me know what you think!

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