Vacation Temptations and Scary Taste Bud Adventures

In a few days, I’ll be checking one more place off my travel bucket list.

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo!

We usually plan our trips about a year ahead of time, (makes it a little easier to budget for essentials like food, booze, food, booze, food, booze, and, um, oh yeah, ice cream).

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Pretty, isn’t it?

However, like any normal weight-watching person, vacations always present a special challenge.  And for someone like me – you know, one of those annoying types who don’t even use normal, everyday black pepper on ANYTHING – a trip to the world’s capital of Cajun cooking is going to present more than the normal amount of cuisinarious (?) challenges.



That being said, I’m always up for trying new foods – as long as they aren’t pain inducing.  One of my favorite pre-vacay time killers is to peruse menus of local restaurants and see what gastronomic delights my ever-expanding waistline will be welcoming.  As my travelling companions are all meat-obsessed carnivores, great steakhouses are typically on the agenda.  Thankfully though, I’m always able to find something to satisfy my finicky palate.  As long as there’s a good bottle of red wine and an ice cream scoop lying around in the kitchen somewhere, all is good in Black Dog Land.

NO 1

The goal is to actually eat enough shrimp that I’ll eventually have a slight pinkish hue and sprout my very own little flappy tail.  Provided of course, that I don’t end up on somebody’s plate.

Hi there!

Hi there!

I’m quite familiar with the old saying of everything in moderation  and I am going to try to keep that in mind over the next few days as I’m surrounded by beignets, praline pecans, and New Orleans libations.  Well, maybe not.  Had you for a second there, didn’t I?  Yeah, c’mon admit it!

Really.! I'll be good....

Really! I’ll be good.  Promise!

Wherever my appetite escapades may lead me this weekend, you can be sure I will torture you with each and every one of them on social media, along with the appropriate facial responses.  Or not.

Yum Dog1

Either way, feel free to social media stalk me this weekend as I run, eat, and drink my way around the city.  Who knows, I may even run into THIS guy.



Enjoy the ride.

Do you always try the local cuisine on vacation or look for the nearest McDonald’s?

Please let me know what you think!

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