The Journey Back to the Pavement

It’s been two months since I started going to this place.

Here we go...again.

Here we go…again.

Remember how I said I was less than thrilled about going down this road again?  I can honestly tell you that after the last few months, I’m definitely…..well…..hmmm…..kinda sorta liking it.  And kinda sorta not.  Here’s why…

gym stuff


Let me run this malarky-ness by you so you get where I’m coming from.

1.  Crowded:  I get the place is going to be like a zoo at 5 o’clock at night.  I even managed to change my work schedule a bit so I could get out a little earlier and miss at least some of the shenanigans.  I was pretty hopeful that first Monday when I got there at five and found it wasn’t too bad.  Silly me didn’t realize it was vacation week and the typical teenage circus had already hit the let-me-see-how-awesomely-I-can-flex-and-play-on-my-phone-at-the-same-time circuit.  Silly adult who just wants to get in, work out, and get out.  Free weights are for stepping on, not bicep exercises.  Of course it would help considerably if they weren’t all crammed in one corner of this huge space.  Hmmm, I wonder if a fabulous interior decorator might come in handy here?

fab cat


2. Lazy members: three words – wipes and cleaner.  Seriously, it’s RIGHT THERE.  Use it.



3. Flocks of kids: Disclaimer – they don’t ALL annoy me.  Just the ones who spend more time looking around to see who is there, the ones constantly on their phones while sitting on a machine, and especially the ones who can’t take their eyes off themselves in the mirrors.  Scratch that.  I love those kids.  They make me laugh.  Hard.

Who's your daddy?

Who loves ya?

4. Machine dust imitators: You know who they are. They plop down on a bike, turn on the attached tv, and pedal.  Well, maybe.  Not quite sure what’s being attempted there, but I have to give them credit for getting off the couch. At least their primary one.



5. Cranky employees:  Let me be  abundantly clear – I’m not expecting balloons and roses, but would a simple hello be too much to ask?  Or does sticking your hand out for my card just take every ounce of energy you’ve got?  Might I suggest some facial exercises to loosen up those smile muscles.

Whatever it

I. Don’t. Care.

All this aside, I am actually enjoying returning to the world of muscle-bound freaks, cardio queens, and yes, even the phone obsessed kiddies.  Well, maybe not the last group so much, but at least they’re not out smoking pot or plopped on their dupas playing video games.  I know my strength has increased but unfortunately it feels like my appetite – and pant size – has as well.  I’m refusing to step on a scale anytime soon as I don’t want to get all caught up in a stupid number.  That’s not what I am and I refuse to go down that path again.  I have yet to “call it in” and I go cahonies to the wall on each and every workout.  Why bother spending the money and the time if I’m just going to waste it?  I have a singular purpose in mind, (for now anyway) and plan on seeing it through to the end.  And in order to get there, I better keep getting this dupa to the gym.  Teenagers, dust imitators, and all.

Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do?


Enjoy the ride.

What irritates you the most when you’re trying to get through a workout at the gym?

6 thoughts on “The Journey Back to the Pavement

  1. All of the above irritates me at the gym, especially those who sit on machines and pretend to use them, or use them as personal texting thrones. Why bother going to the gym if you’re just going to sit on machines that others actually want to use?

    • Exactly!! I think with most of the kids, it’s just about being able to SAY they go to a gym. What they do when they get there is another story. I’ve just gotten to the point where if they aren’t doing anything, I’ll call them on it. Amazing how fast they move then, lol!

  2. I haven’t belonged to a gym in awhile, but I feel like all of this stuff would drive me nuts! I used a free week past at a really high end gym near me and on my gosh, the stuffy attitudes of the people in there drove me NUTS! It was like there was some sort of fitness fashion show going on. Oh, and if you want an idea of how high end this snooty place was THEY HAD VALET PARKING! AT A GYM! Are you kidding?!?

  3. I don’t really go to the gym any more, but this is why I LOVE CrossFit. Small groups and everyone is there to work their asses of. I found myself getting so annoyed when I went to the gym (instead of CrossFit). There would be people in jeans and I would just be like wtf?!?! Get off my machine because you are clearly NOT here to workout. No one here takes you seriously. I have gym issues. CrossFit has made me a snob lol

    Good luck with your venture back to the gym! 🙂

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