We Can All Do Good Stuff!

A little while ago, I was clicking my way through the blogosphere when I ran across this awesome little ditty.  Danielle is a proud mama of Madison the mini dachshund, author of the blog Live, Run, Grow, AND who also, as it turns out, is a prior resident of the frozen tundra commonly referred to as the great Northeast, just like me!  A crazy avid runner and yogi, Danielle and crew reside on Long Island, where she is currently pursuing her goal to become a physical therapist.  You know, those guys we runners just love to hate but can’t live without.

You want me to WHAT?!?

You want me to WHAT?!?

Aside from having a common obsession with running and yoga, we also have a common love for critters.  What’s that? You had no idea I was over the moon crazy about critters?  Guess you haven’t been keeping up with my never-ending flood of Instagram Calypso pics now, have you?  Bad, bad blog friend.

What's that?  You DON'T know who I am?!?

What’s that? You DON’T know who I am?!?

Anywho, after some soul-searching,  Danielle decided to run in this year’s NYC Marathon.  And the BEST part…..wait for it……is she was going to run as charity runner for the North Shore Animal League!  Yay!!!!!!!  What’s the big deal Black Dog, you may be asking yourself.  And that may be a very good question.  Here’s why:

1.  When I started earning my very own paycheck at the ripe old age of 16, North Shore Animal League was the very first charity I ever made a donation to.  Call me a sentimental idiot, but it’s nice to see after all these years, (be nice now!), this awesome-sauce rescue is still doing what they do best.

2.  Being the mom of a rescue, I can’t imagine a better charity to help support while training for one of the world’s greatest marathons.

3.  How can you not love a place that came up with the Cat’achino???

With soy milk please.

With soy milk please.

I don’t want to take up any more of your time when you should be checking out Danielle’s posts here and here.  Check ’em out then hit that DONATE button.  I guarantee it will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  Honest, it will, I promise.  Calypso even says so!

Go!  Now!  Go!

And I am awesome.

Enjoy the ride.

Hurry!  That warm fuzzy feeling is a-waiting!




4 thoughts on “We Can All Do Good Stuff!

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing! I love the story that NSAL was your first donation once you had a job. Hugs and thanks to you and Calypso from me and Madison!

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