Today’s the Day!!

Actually, it was supposed to be Thursday, but thanks to last-minute schedule changes – and the fact that if I had to wait one more day, I would implode – today will be my first run since January 11th.  Yes, JANUARY 11.  Like FOUR months ago.  Insert crazy face here.


If you’ve been following my temper tantrums over the past few months, then you know I had a majoroso case of ITBS halfway through this year’s Disney Half Marathon.  So bad that I pretty much gimped my way through the last 7 miles, crossed the finish line, and proceeded to have a complete and utter meltdown.  One of the photogs even took a picture of me crying on the phone to my hubby. (REALLY Marathon Foto person?!?)  I knew then that I had to give these bad boys time to heal and work on what I needed to make things right again in my running world.

The debate about going back to a gym soon followed (see this).  I knew that if I wanted to continue to rack up the miles, I’d just have to bite the bullet and put up with whatever gym nonsense came my way.  I am happy to report however, that so far at least, it has proven to be a rather tolerable experience.  I’m still pretty shocked that mothers let their daughters walk out the door and head to the gym in not much more than dental floss, but at least it keeps the young wannabe studs moving through their workouts, as they try to impress anything with no dupas and plenty of other parts.  And it does provide for some pretty humorous people watching…

Well, hi there.

Well, hi there.

So here we are, four months gone and countless reps, crunches, ARC, bike, and elliptical minutes later.  The dreaded foam roller has made the occasional appearance and probably will make more.  At least Calypso helps me out with that little slice of ugliness heaven…

I got ya Mom.

I got ya Mom.

I feel like a kid starting their first day of kindergarten – scared, nervous, and ready to throw up the first time the teacher calls on me.  All this and all I’m doing is the 1.89 mile loop around my lake.  You’d think I was toeing the line of a marathon start.

I'm scerred.

I think I’m gonna throw up.

In closing dear readers, as you head home, to the gym, out for your own run, or to happy hour, (now THERE’S an idea), please send some happy pixie dust out into the universe for me.   Or at least for my knees.  It would be so nice to forget I even have them anymore.



 Enjoy the ride.

Were you nervous when you started running again after an injury?

11 thoughts on “Today’s the Day!!

  1. Hope your run went well! There are also a lot of great yoga poses for ITBS, not sure if you’d tried some – I’m happy to recommend some if you need : )

      • Here are 2 that really help:

        I also just learned a new one recently (I don’t think it has a formal name), but you start in downward dog and then take your right leg and sort of slide it down between your left arm and left leg (sort of diagonally toward your left arm) and then lower down and you’ll get a CRAZY good stretch along the IT Band! It’s almost like doing pigeon with that front leg straight out to the side instead of bend…it’s hard to explain, but I’ll try to take some pics of myself doing it soon and post them on my blog so you can see!

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