Here We Go Again!

The madness is in full swing…

Dopey Challenge

As I was sitting at work last week on registration day for WDW Marathon Weekend, I’d check in every so often to see what was happening.  Not that I was totally surprised at how quickly everything sold out, but, well, hot damn!  When I decided to run the Half last year, it was maybe a month after registration opened and at that time it was about 80% full.  This year, 80% hit about 16 hours after it opened.  If you waited even one day to pull the trigger, you were pretty much out of luck.  As I write this, the only open races left are the full and the Goofy.  Any bets on how long before those two sell out?

Garsh!  The people are crazeee!!!!!

Garsh! The people are crazeee!!!!!

All this runDisney madness got me thinking – has the whole running at Disney thing gotten TOO popular?  My first half marathon was run along the beach in Fort Lauderdale seven years ago.  Even in the poopiest of weather, it was still a great time.  I don’t even remember what we paid for an entry fee or how far ahead of time registration had opened.  All we cared about was it was nearby and we had family cheering us on.  With the ever-growing popularity of the runDisney events, just being able to get onto the Active website has become an event in itself.  As soon as I saw when registration day would be for the Wine and Dine this year, I marked it on the calendar, put an alert on my phone, and set a reminder on my Outlook.  I was lucky enough to be sitting at my desk when noontime rolled around and was able to get it done within 15 minutes.  Score Black Dog!



BUT – what if I wasn’t sure if I would be ready?  What if this would be my first half and I was just too nervous to make a decision at game time?  If I had waited another day and half to pull the trigger, I would have been poop out of luck.  How many people waited, couldn’t get in, and ended up like this?

Heavy sigh...

Heavy sigh…

Disney is supposed to a magical place where you can make all your dreams come true, right?  How much did it suck to be one of those who were all cranked up to register and run in the most Magical Place on Earth, just to have their hopes dashed like so much confetti in a magical parade?

I don’t know if there’s a better way to make getting into a runDisney event a little more palatable for the everyday joe who doesn’t have their dupa parked in front of a computer at puck drop. (Sick of my sports analogies yet?)  I think over the past two years I’ve just gotten lucky with a combination of good timing and lots of mouse clicker finger exercises.  But I really DO feel bad for those who want so badly to get in and just can’t make it happen.

There, there now.  There's always next year.

There, there now. There’s always next year.

Disney seems to occasionally be open to suggestions from runners and guests alike.  It’ll be interesting to see if they make any changes to their registration process.  Perhaps adding so many races that people will have ample opportunity to pick which one they want may help alleviate some of the insanity.  I certainly wouldn’t object to the weekly monthly 5k or even better 10k race.  Mickey knows there aren’t nearly enough of those around.

I’m really curious to hear what you think would make getting into these events any easier, especially from all you team runDisney, WISH’ers, and Disney Pacebook runners out there.  I’ve seen a lot of the comments you’ve voiced in the past about different race aspects and there have been some really great ideas thrown out into the great internet void.  Who knows? Maybe one of you will have that PERFECT idea that makes every Disney runner freak like me perfectly happy with the whole process. Or not.  But we can dream can’t we??

shooting star

 Enjoy the ride.

What would you do to improve the chances or people getting into runDisney events?  Or would you change anything?







9 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. Just please no lottery, that’s all I ask! I was sad when I didn’t get into the Nike Women’s Half but it didn’t break my heart. If I was all set to runDisney and didn’t make a freakin’ lottery I’d be devastated! I think your suggestion of more races overall would help the most.

    • Absolutely! I understand going that route for some of these other races, but since this system isn’t really “broke”, don’t fix it! It may not be the greatest, but for the most part it seems to work. I can’t imagine how much work it is to put these races on, but if you did them more often, with much fewer runners, it may just spread the wealth a little bit, allowing more people to participate.

  2. I agree, I always feel bad for the people who aren’t able to be in front of a computer to register right when registration opens. It’s amazing how the popularity of these races has skyrocketed in the past few years!

    And I love the idea of a regular race over at WWOS or something similar to the Castaway 5k…the only thing is the Castaway 5k didn’t have characters or anything, it was just a 5k run around the (hot, humid) island.

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