Ever Have One of Those Runs?

You know the kind I’m talking about…


Aww crap.

From the start you can’t breathe, find your pace, or feel like you have a major case of lead legs.  You look down at your GPS – which of course took 10 minutes just to find a signal – and you’ve only gone a quarter-mile.  The battery on your Ipod died 30 steps from the front door and you just don’t want to waste the time going back to steal your hubby’s.  Not to mention that his playlist bites the big one anyway.


God help me.

As more than casual runners, we all know it’s bound to happen sooner or later.  It’s just part of the territory and we deal with it the best we can.  We trudge through them, safe in the knowledge that they can’t ALL be that bad.  I mean really – just how many poopy runs are there to go around?

Yeah.  I'm done.

Yeah. I’m done.

How many of you set out to do X number of miles, get to the first corner, and said to yourself, “Self? I’m over it.  And you.  I’m going home, making a big, fat margarita, turning on Game of Thrones, and kicking back with the dog.  You can take these 8 miles and stick it.”  C’mon now, keep your hands up.  Yup, just what I figured.  Bunch of ‘rita-lovin’ runners…

Me! Me! Moi! Me! Me! Me! Me too!

Me! Me! Moi! Me! Me! Me! Me too!

We can only hope that when we cross that starting line, our training and effort pays off at the other end.  No one wants to have a poopy race – figuratively or otherwise – but the more we race, the greater the chances that we’ll crash and burn on one of them, (mumblemumblemumble “Disney Half Marathon” mumblemumblemumble).  Now, how you handle it when things tank with absolute fabulousity, can make or break you as a runner.  Do you just throw your hands up and quit?  Plop your dupa on the ground and blow a hissy?  Or throw yourself on the nearest grassy median, scream at the top of your lungs, launching yourself into a full-blown, Alec Baldwin-esque temper tantrum?

Oh no you didn't?!

Oh no you didn’t?!

However one chooses to deal with said crappy runs, one thing can always be counted on.  Unless you’ve been cursed by some strange-looking, one-eyed, gibberish-muttering voodoo master, you should be okay the next time out.  And THAT, my oxygen-sucking, mileage-loving friends, are the runs we all look forward to with love and…well…love.



So just remember the next time you’re having one of THOSE runs, it’s okay.  Get through what you can, go home, kick back, and down that margarita.  It’ll be the best recovery ever.

Enjoy the ride.

What do you do when you’re having a crappy workout?


13 thoughts on “Ever Have One of Those Runs?

  1. Can we please lobby runDisney to start providing margaritas on course? That would be pretty amazing! 🙂

    Oh and outside of races, I have a 15 minute rule–if I don’t want to run, I force myself to do 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes I still feel like crap, I quit and try again the next day. 😉

      • Most of the time, the 15 minute rule works and I get in a proper run. On the days when it doesn’t and I want to quit, I still feel like I have succeeded if only because I tried.

        Mmm…boozey carbs! I remember being offered a beer once during my first marathon experience–I regret not taking it to this day. lol.

  2. I had one on Monday. I haven’t run since in order to give my knees and calves a few days to heal before my 5K on Saturday…which I don’t even know if I want to run because the weather is going to be crappy. But your words ring true for any type of endurance event or project. “We can only hope that when we cross that starting line, our training and effort pays off at the other end. ” I’m keeping all of this in mind as I continue working on that dissertation….when I’d much rather have a glass of wine, margarita or spend an hour gaming. (or running.)

  3. Reblogged this on Devoted to Run Disney and commented:
    I was going to blog this morning. But this entry from Black Dog Runs Disney pretty much sums up what I was going to say about my Cookie Chaser 5K coming up on Saturday. I don’t know if my mindset is elsewhere (Ireland, Dissertation, leaving baby with a stressed out military daddy for a month (thank God for family being local.) Please go read..it’s a good one.

  4. LOL this pretty much sums it up perfectly! Although I’d do a beer instead of the margarita (they’re yummy, but too much effort…yes, I’m that lazy). My last half marathon ended awful, so fingers crossed your “next time out” is right! 🙂

    Oh, and I nominated you for a Liebster Award…enjoy! 🙂

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