How Running Has Changed Me

Remember a while back I told you my brain is like one of these?



I can tell you, with the utmost confidence, that if it wasn’t for being active, and especially being a runner, the cranium would look more like this.

Watch out!

Watch out!

Not so long ago, when I was a mileage-obsessed, don’t wanna do anything but runrunrunrurnrunrunrunrunrun freakazoid, I thought if I COULDN’T, I would go off the deep end.  Come home and NOT go for a run after work?  NOT go for at least a six miler on the weekend?  Go an entire two weeks without buying a new pair of socks, tech shirts, or compression shorts?  WHAT?!?!?!?  Oh HELL no!  That would result in above referenced explosion.  Grey matter would be scattered all over south Florida.

Helloooo ITBS.  (Insert sad face here.)  Anyone who’s battled this pain in the you-know-where, (and yes, I’m referring to somewhere OTHER than the knees), knows you can’t do anything but rest and rehab the bee-jesus out of it.  Enter the I’marunnerwhocanttrunanytimeinthenearfuture crazies.  Good tip for all you men out there – PMS has got NOTHING on this bad boy.  Think you’ve got it bad having to live with crankiness and irritability once a month?  Ask the hubby what it’s like trying to live with a woman on the verge of ripping her eyeballs out with an ice cream scoop and SWEARS she actually hears the pavement calling out to her??



Then – a moment of clarity.  (Oooohhhh, sounds deep and mysterious, doesn’t it???  Yeah, not really.)  After scouring the internet and social media, and finding I wasn’t the only runner out there with a majoroso case of runner DT’s, it suddenly hit me.  One, we’re all nuts.  ALL of us.  Okay, maybe no big surprise there.  Second, we’re ALL FRIGGIN’ NUTS.  We plan vacations around races.  If we go to Disney for a reason OTHER than a race, we’re discombobulated.  The only things we care about when we pack for vacation is whether or not we’ve packed enough running clothes.  The majority of our closets and drawers are filled with more tech material than an Under Armour factory.  We spend our time surfing the net for training programs, training logs, GPS watches, and race schedules.  And if we can’t run for whatever reason, we stalk our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogger friends, in a vain attempt to vicariously run their miles.

THAT my friends, is what running has done TO me.  This…

peaceful forest

…is what running does FOR me.  It brings me peace.  It gives me the ability to keep from going completely postal when somebody at work goes off on one of their I’m-the-king-of-the-world-and-I-want-more-money-and-less-hours-and-the-perfect-schedule-even-though-my-job-is-24-7 tangents.  It provides an outlet for me to beat on something that can take it, and not explode on the hubby, the dog, or the neighborhood ducks for absolutely no reason at all.


The dollars still whip around at lightning speed, but a few stand out in hi def, subsequently leading to the goofiness you often find here.  My blood pressure drops, my tension headaches usually go away, and on a good day, I feel like I actually could find the cure for cancer, (that is if I had gotten anything better than a B in biology class).  I know you follow me here – the feeling that all is right with the world and you’ve gained some kind of new perspective on life.  No more twisted brain cells, no more tense shoulders, no more ugliness.  Just beautiful, endless, peace…



At the risk of offending the rock gods, (and more specifically Collective Soul), the next time you find yourself stepping to the edge, and see your world below, possibly in shambles, just remember that peace you find as the miles continue.  And maybe, just maybe, by the time you make that final turn back to your humble abode, all the crap will have mysteriously just faded away into calm, serene, nothingness.

Until you open the door to screaming children, barking dogs, and a spouse you just want to smack over the head with a skillet.  In which case you can just back up, close the door, and go for another run.

Enjoy the ride.

How has running affected your life?




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