Why Do YOU Run Disney?

A short time ago, runDisney started a new campaign.  This one encouraged people to submit their stories as to why they started running and especially running Disney races.  The idea caught on like wildfire and runners from all walks of life with all kinds of stories have been submitting videos to the website.  From Kimberly Sherrin, who, after facing the real possibility of being a paraplegic after a devastating car crash, to Dominic Alexander, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling headfirst off a ladder, to Ryan Miller, who simply set a goal for himself to get healthy and finish the 2014 Walt Disney World Half marathon, everyone has a story.  Which begs the question yet once again – why do YOU run Disney?


I guess the better question to start with is why do you run?  Not one to assume the reasons other runners choose this crazy life, I can only answer for myself.  Let me just throw out the dollar alerts now – my answers will more than likely be all over the place.  Hang on, the ride’s about to get a little hairy.



1.  Prevention of beached whale status: like any typical member of the female species, I prefer to not look a fright in running tights, skinny jeans, or bathing suits.  What better way to keep the poundage under control than by logging in the miles? Now, God knows I’ll never look like this…

For God's sake, EAT something!

For God’s sake, EAT something!

…but I’m completely good with that.  And so is the hubby.  So I think I’m good there.

2.  Prevention of complete and utter mental destruction: I know there’s a bunch of you out there nodding your heads at this one.  Yup, I see you.  And you.  And yes you,  the one with the funny mustache.  I see you.  How many times have you come home from work, wishing you could have just wrapped your fingers around your boss’s neck and squeezed the ever-living crap out of him?  Been there, haven’t done that.  Yet.  But throw on those running shoes, head out the door, and once again all is right with the world.



3.  The perfect excuse to speak to people you never would have had the nocciolines to otherwise:  Strike up a conversation with a total stranger in the starting corrals for absolutely no obvious reason?  Sure!  Agree to indulge in a few Dole Whips with real live human beings you’ve never actually met but know their spouses, kids, dogs, chafing issues, blisters, rotting toenails, and gastrointestinal upsets?  Gotta love Facebook!  Donate to some guy running some marathon somewhere because you’ve had deep Twitter discussions as to whether or not Journey is considered “classic” music?  Why not, LINZIE?  (And if you really have to look up nocciolines, you have absolutely NO imagination.) 🙂

Now, put all those together in the most magical place on earth and what have you got?  C’mon, all together now…

I'm going to Disney World!  Oh, wait a minute....

I’m going to Disney World! Oh, wait a minute….

And THAT my friends, is why I run Disney.

So the next time you find yourself wondering why you’re putting yourself through the aforementioned black toenails or running rot-gut, think about this.  At some point in their lives, Kimberly, Dominic, and Ryan probably thought they would never see the finish line of a Disney race.  Then they went and proved to themselves that they could do just that.  And so can you.  You just have to…


Enjoy the ride.

Why do YOU run?  Disney or elsewhere?

Please let me know what you think!

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