Sports I Could Live Without. Maybe. Probably.

Hope you’re ready to hang on for the ride – I’ve been up since 2am and the dollars, they are a-flyin’!

Two hours later and after giving up trying to go back to sleep, I came up with a list of sports I hate the most.  Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word.  Let’s just go with “greatly despise.”  At the risk of offending my friends in the frozen tundra to the North, my hubby, and three-quarters of the population of south Florida, here goes…

yuck face


1.  (And these are in no particular order) Golf:  For the life of me, I just don’t see the fun in whacking the crap out of a little ball, just to walk up to it and whack it again.  I’ve seen my hubby, friends, and brothers do just that, throw their clubs, then get mad at me when I can’t see where the ball went because I had my feet propped up on the dash of the golf cart with my nose stuck in a book.  Plus I can’t see 30 feet past my nose.  You really expect ME to see where the stupid ball went?!?  Now, if you had to whack the ball before getting hit by a an NFL linebacker?  Now we’re talking!

All that being said, how can not love this guy?

He drinks, he smokes, he's overweight, and he wears funny pants.  Love it!!

John Daly – he drinks, he smokes, he’s overweight, and he wears funny pants. My hero.


2. Curling: Now I know my Canadian friends are currently cancelling their subscription to this blog as we speak, but hold on before hitting that cancel button.  Forgive my ignorance on what is without a doubt one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.  With that in mind, I do laugh hysterically over the completely unintelligible yapping, and I would hire these broom guys in a heartbeat to clean my tile floors.

I'm starting to sense an fashion trend.

I’m starting to sense an fashion trend.


3. Indoor volleyball:  Girls in spandex who, like me, really shouldn’t be.  I’m convinced this sport was invented for those members of the human species who have a certain amount of trouble with gravity.  Either that or the perfect excuse for drinking too much.  Again, why not make it a little more interesting and bring in the NFL tackles?  Yeah momma!



4. Tennis: Not that I don’t admire the stamina and endurance needed for this sport.  And you have to admire the freakish muscles of the Williams sisters.  You even have to love the tutus Venus sports at various matches – kind of reminds me of runDisney events.  However, I’d rather crank up the nausea-inducing Taylor-I’m-not-so-Swift music then listen to the grunts, groans, and as yet still unidentified sounds produced by some of these girls.  How does one even MAKE some of those noises???


5. Bowling:        Moving on.



So these are the sports I would rather have my fingernails pulled out with pliers than watch.  But that’s just me.  Please don’t take it as an assault on what may be your favorite pastime.  We all know what entertains us and what doesn’t.  This is just a humorous look at those that try as I might, I just can’t take seriously.  Then again, don’t you think life is too serious anyway?

Enjoy the ride.

What are some of your least favorite sports?

3 thoughts on “Sports I Could Live Without. Maybe. Probably.

  1. Curling is more fun to play than watch (in my opinion) mostly because when you are playing recreationally (and don’t be fooled, it requires a lot of skill to play), there is beer involved. Also, they yell “hurry” or “hurry hard” in order to guide the sweepers as how hard to sweep. The harder the sweep, the more the rock moves. Give it a try if you ever have a chance! 🙂

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