Running the World

Since it’s almost time for this…

Girl power!

Girl power!


I thought now would be the perfect opportunity for this!


While doing an internet search for the best places for running while at Disney World, I came across a boatload of varying opinions.  Everyone has a different idea as to where their favorite places are, including me.  So in order to give you as many choices as possible to choose from, I went to one of my favorite places for all things Disney,  This site is an absolute treasure trove of Disney info, from where to eat, what rides are closed for rehabs, schedules of shows in Epcot, history of Disney, and just about every tip you could imagine provided by those who know the World best – you and me!  I figured what better place to look up information on the best places to stretch your legs while in the land of the Mouse.

Like anyone else, I have my favorite running paths, which I’ve included here.  I’ve also provided a link to the page at, which has some great info on other running locations, as well as some great safety tips.  Don’t want to bring your running to a screeching stop because you suffered a major brain fart!

Without further adieu, Black Dog Runs Disney presents…

runner pluto

1.  My fave (at least so far), is the 0.8 mile loop around Crescent Lake.  Easily accessible from the Epcot area resorts, the loop offers a scenic look at the different hotels and shops located around the lake.  After a few laps, stop and reward yourself for a job well done with a yummy Mickey Mouse chocolate chip muffin from the Boardwalk Bakery!




2.  Another favorite path for the hubby and I is located at Coronado Springs.  A 3/4 mile loop around Lago Dorado provides nice wide pathways and if you’re lucky, sighting of the local “natives” – rabbits, lizards, chipmunks and squirrels.  If you want to add a little more mileage, veer onto the path towards the Ranchos and Cabanas.  You’ll find yourself in a beautiful wetlands area, complete with Spanish moss draped trees.  Pay a visit to Cafe Rix afterwards for some fresh fruit and cereal.

cafe rix


3.  A great spot to get your workout in and stay in the shade is the Nature Trail located at the Wilderness Lodge.  The path is a mix of sandy soil, and takes a little loss toll on your legs.  Located being the Villas, the path eventually meets up with the Fitness Trail/Jogging Path and can lead you to either the Fort Wilderness Campground (to the left) or up to the bus stop in front of the Lodge (to the right).  Rehydrate after your run with a stop at the Roaring Fork, a quick service cafe.


These are my top choices for staying in shape while playing in Disney World.  Be sure to check out a more complete list here at

Good luck to everyone running the Princess Half Marathon and the inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge this weekend!

Enjoy the ride.

Where is your favorite place to run while at Disney World?

Please let me know what you think!

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