Guest Post: Choosing Love (and Hope)

Please read this wonderful post from Suzanne and join us all in the fight against cancer!

Shiawase Life


Good afternoon, all! I am so honored to share with you an incredible guest post from my friend, Suzanne. 

Hi all, I’m Suzanne.  Normally you can find me at SuzanneRan (& twitter) but today I’ve had the opportunity to come say hello.  Thanks Krissy!  I have been following Krissy’s fundraising efforts for 26.2 with Donna and after donating, we had a conversation about why I was glad to support her efforts, and well here I am today to talk a little bit about it.

It starts out simply, as a cancer survivor myself (not breast cancer) any fundraising efforts to END any type of cancer is one that I will quickly stand behind.  If you think about it at least one person you know has been touched by cancer in one way shape or form.  It’s easy to stand behind an effort to not only provide funds for…

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