Case of the Mush Brain

A major side effect of having a brain like a game show dollar machine, is the complete inability to get a good night’s sleep.  I will toss and turn for hours on end, willing my brain to show mercy and shut off, even if just for a few hours.  Sometimes, I actually win this battle, but alas, not very often.


It’s even worse when this lovely ugly monster rears it’s head on a Sunday night.  As if Mondays aren’t tough enough, spending my day doing my best Walking Dead imitation does not for a productive day make.

Walking Dead

In case you’re suffering from your own bout of braindead-ness (huh??), this is my way of apologizing to you dear reader, for the lack of stimulating, thought-provoking, literary genius-ness this fine February morning.  I promise to be back to my normal snarky self tomorrow and have a few brain cell provoking topics to blab about this week.   So as soon as I shake out of this…

sleepy cat

…and no longer look like this…



I promise to once again be the entertaining, witty, comedic talent, (I know, that one was really stretching it), you’ve come to know and love.  At least if I don’t end up like this.

crazy sleepy

Enjoy the ride.

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest.)

Do you ever suffer from insomnia?  How do you handle it?

Please let me know what you think!

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