You Probably Wouldn’t Believe It…

…but this is me.  Really.

You don't see me...

You don’t see me…

I remember as a little kid, hiding behind my parent’s legs whenever we’d meet someone new.  Growing up, people always thought I was being rude, when really I was just terrified.  In epic proportions.

SO true!

SO true!

It has always bothered me that I was so misunderstood and it’s a character trait I still battle with to this day.  Especially when this is the REAL me.

The real me.

The real me.

Most people who know me would never believe the internal battle I go through when in social situations.  Two of my dearest friends, Darla and Cristina, are my heroes when it comes to the gift of gab.  They’ll talk to anybody about anything and sound interesting from start to finish.  How the heck do they do that???


You want me to WHAT?!

This whole idea came up as I was reading this post from Back At Square Zero today.  A few bloggers/social media queens got together for a Tweet-Up at the recent New Orleans Rock’N’Roll race.  Abby’s recap of the event made it sound nothing short of amazing, at least to this Queen of the Socially Awkward.  What?  Actually go up to someone I’ve never met in person and SPEAK to them??!!  HUH?????


Social Dork, party of one?

Some people set their sights on becoming President, winning an Olympic gold medal, or becoming Ambassador to Zimbabwe.  This girl, she just wants to not feel like a total groupie and find the courage to approach a complete stranger and invite them to the party going on inside my head.  Am I really asking all that much????


(Dollar Alert: how do you think the conversation goes when a new fish is dumped into a tank of totally strange fish? “Hey buddy, how you doin’?  Do you prefer flakes or pellets?” )

I might have missed out on some great opportunities to meet some really cool peeps if it wasn’t for the hubby, (who thrives on social situations), pushing me into these two.  Literally.  Almost face planted right into both of them.

Real, live sweethearts.  Honest!

Real, live sweethearts. Honest!

Now, for those who know me, you’d be calling shenanigans on this whole thing.  There’s just one little flaw in your evil plan:  you KNOW me.  Remember the first couple times you met me?  Didn’t say much, did I?  Thought that red, sweaty face was due to a premature hot flash?  Not even close.  Inside I was shaking like the Wonder Mutt being told she has to wait before leaping into a body of water.



So as I continue on my journey to the Land of Quit Being a Dork and Just TALK to Somebody, please hang in there with me.  If, on the off-chance you actually run into me somewhere along the way, feel free to just come up to me and smack me up side the head.  Lightly.  It’ll make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that at least you’ve read my ramblings.  And add a margarita.  With salt.  And lime.  Complete game changer…

I've had a 'rita and I can't shut up!!!!

Help! I’ve had a ‘rita and I can’t shut up!!!!

Thank you for tolerating my dollars and hanging on for this trip through the never ending chaos inside my brain.  I’ll try to slow it down. Occasionally.  Maybe not.

Enjoy the ride.

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest.  Except the cool Miami Heat pics.  Those are all mine. :))

Do you find it difficult to start up a conversation with someone you “stalk” online?  How do you handle social situations?

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