MishMosh Monday

Do you remember my first post when I warned you how my brain works?

This is my brain.  Every day.

This is my brain. Every day.

Well, hang on for the ride because here it comes…

1.  I volunteer for a wonderful local group, America’s Moms for Soldiers.


We send care packages to soldiers overseas who don’t receive mail from home.  I can’t imagine being maybe 18 or 19 years old, 6,000 miles away from home, and not hearing my name at mail call.  In an effort to prevent this from happening, and as part of our community outreach, we participate in local events, which often includes setting up a booth.  We place a big banner on the table and invite passersby to write a message to the troops.  It’s a great way for the public to get involved and let our troops know they haven’t been forgotten.  Donations are always appreciated, (as it is the only way we are able to do what we do every month), but it is hardly required.  It never ceases to amaze me how so many people say no when you nicely ask them if they’d like to write a nice note to our servicemen and women.  No pressure, no one asking for money, just a few seconds of your time to do something that means the world to a kid half a planet away.  It’s heartbreaking sometimes.  But then we get the amazing supporters who march right up to the table, wallet already in hand, not giving a second thought to paying it forward, whether it be monetarily, or donating their time to help us out.  Hearts like that make the world go ’round!

2.  Let me just throw it out there – I despise award shows.  The Grammys, SAG Awards, People’s Choice – can’t stand any of them.  The only one I’ve ever liked to watch is the Kennedy Center Honors.  Last year’s performances were beyond amazing and Heart’s rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, with Jason Bonham on the drums, had me in tears.  Not to discount Ringo and McCartney together again at last night’s Grammy’s, (among other great performances throughout the years), but it seems too many performers have become all about the costumes, light shows, and whatever they can do to shock viewers, instead of the MUSIC.  Just sayin’…

Remember this stuff?

Remember this stuff?

3.  Ever out on a run, pass another runner going in the opposite direction, say hi, nod your head, throw a thumbs up, etc., and get NOTHING in reply?  I get it.  We all have a bad day, bad run, or feel like our life sucks the big one at that particular moment in time.  Would a simple acknowledgment of the fact that a total stranger is trying to make your day just a speck better really be all THAT difficult?

grumpy face

4.  It’s been 16 days since the last time I ran.  I still have 94 days before my self-imposed running hiatus is over.  I’m starting to look suspiciously like this…

pouty face

5.  I think my dog is a hidden genius.  There’s no debate.  She really is.



6.  Ice cream is mankind’s perfect food.

Insert my face here.

Insert my face here.

7.  What do you think cows put out to pasture talk about?  I imagine a typical cow conversation goes something like this:

Cow 1:  How’s it going Hank?

Cow 2: (chewing grass)

Cow 1:  Did you see Bessie has a new friend?

Cow 2: (chewing grass)

Cow 1:  She’s pretty cute.  Has a sexy little tail twitch.

Cow 2:  (chewing grass)

Cow 1:  Yeah, I know what you mean.  Twitchy tail means nothing but trouble.

Cow 2: (chewing grass)

Cow 1: Good talking to ya Hank.  Watch out for the steaming pile by the water trough.

Cow 2 (twitches tail)


Happy Monday! Stay tuned for the next scary ride through my brain.

Enjoy the ride.

Please let me know what you think!

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