Back In the Saddle Again


Enough thinking I needed a few more days before getting back to working out.  I called shenanigans on myself yesterday, (can you do that?) and threw myself back into Superwoman mode, i.e., got the bum a-moving!  After an almost two-week hiatus post WDW Half Marathon, my clothes decided it was time to have a serious conversation with my waistline.  And my thighs.  And just about every other body part.  It went something like this:

ME:  I haven’t been sleeping well.  I’ll just go home after work, relax, and go to bed early.

CLOTHES: REALLY lady?!?  We’re choking here! 

ME: Why whatever do you mean?

CLOTHES: Keep sitting on your dignity and just paying attention to Stomach.  You’ll see what the rest of us mean.  And it won’t be pretty. 

Taking to heart the fact that my parts were actually speaking to me (SAY WHAT?!?), I figured I better listen or soon find myself rolling around my life like a beach ball.  A BIG one.  The kind that explodes if you poke it just right.  So what would any wannabe fitness Superwoman do in a situation like this?  Surf the internet of course!  Lady Lackadaisical knew exactly where to go for some get-it-moving-motivation.


I stumbled across this great workout on one of my fave blogs (Olive To Run) and decided to get to work.  Knowing my capacity for overdoing it resulting in not being able to move the next day, I decided to try one round and see how I felt.  Since I’ve also been participating in a 30 day Plank Challenge on Facebook, I figured I’d bang out the required 3 minute bad boy for the day first.  Two minutes in, with this in my face,

I wanna plank too!

I wanna plank too!

the hubby walks in, phone in hand, telling me now’s my chance to yell at our mechanic for not fixing something on my truck.  Really?!?  I’M PLANKING HERE!!

So after that brief interruption, I got back to it and started on the circuit.  20 minutes later, and more than a few grunts, groans, and words that should probably not be mentioned here, I emerged feeling somewhat victorious in my battle of the bulge.  Or in this case, my pants.  I even felt so energized, I proceeded to lengthen my sweat time and added in a round of IT band exercises that would have made my physical therapist weep with pride.

tears of joy

Remember that 3 minute plank that started all this chaos?  In one final rude finger gesture to the fat cell gods, I even decided to give it one more try to beat that bad boy clock with a smile on my face.  After making sure the Wonder Mutt was securely comfy on her bed dreaming of tennis balls, swimming, and the next major food group she would abscond from the counter, I started the countdown timer and hit the floor one more time.

plank humor

Yup, that’s me. Face planted squarely into my nondescript beige bedroom carpet after just two minutes, cursing the gravity gods.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day…

Enjoy the ride.

What is your favorite kind of workout?

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