Wonder Mutt Wednesday

As I embark on a short hiatus for Marathon Weekend, I thought this might be a good time to introduce you to the love of my life.  No, the other one.  The inspiration for this blog.  No, the OTHER one.




Meet Calypso, aka Wonder Mutt, aka Squirt, aka Little Black Dog (LBD), aka any number of random silly dog names us homo sapiens insist on assigning to our furry buddies. Having been dogless for three months back in 2010, and conveniently being a transport volunteer for one of my fave organizations, Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (http://www.labradorrescue.net/) the hubby and I decided it was time to bring some fur back into our lives. Since we had lost our two previous beauties to old age and cancer, I was only too ready to fill the overpowering quiet in our humble abode with the clicking of nails on tile and funny puppy sounds heard only in the middle of the night. As luck would have it, that summer turned out to be the Summer of the Puppy. Litter after litter of Labs kept coming into rescue and we knew ours was one of them. And then it happened. I open my email one morning. And this…

Pick me!  Pick me!

Pick me! Pick me!

It was love at first sad face. In the blink of a tail wag, I zipped the picture off to the hubby and anxiously awaited his reply. In shorter than it takes the Wonder Mutt to inhale a biscuit, the phone rang. “I like this one.” The rest, as they say, is Wonder Mutt history…

Life is good.

Life is good.

Not to brag, but I’ll put The Mutt up against Michael Phelps any day.

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo!

She also doubles as the best pacing partner on the planet. She may only be two feet tall and runs with her back end in a never-ending battle to catch up with her front end, but she makes Usain Bolt look like he’s lolly-gagging. Of course whenever she sees one of these

There's that damn dog again...

There’s that damn dog again…

all bets are off. You just better hope that old shoulder injury doesn’t come back to bite you in the butt. Or the shoulder.

So as I close out this edition of Black Dog Runs Disney, feel secure in the knowledge that the Wonder Mutt is on the job. Not really sure what that job actually is, but you can bet she’s on it. Enjoying the ride.

Picture 021

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